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Every corner of the country is full of aspiring musicians that only have the opportunity to perform a solo once or twice a year.  This project is to aid musicians and organists to select pedagogically significant literature and repertoire that would be appropriate for a brass soloist to perform during a worship service.  

The Literature list that I am curating consists of music that would be appropriate for an advanced high school student.  This would be comparable to Grades 5 and 6 in standard grades, or I and II in the TMEA PMI list.  Examples of a comparable solo would be Ferdinand David's  Trombone Concertino, Op.4.  It is in standard repertoire for advanced high school students and is also used as an audition piece for the world's best orchestras.

 If you have any suggestions of a solo for any brass instrument that would be comparable to the David in difficulty, and appropriate for a worship service, please fill out the form link above.