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Do you live in a remote area and have trouble bringing in instrument specialists to your band program?  With videoconferencing you can bring in world class musicians into your classroom for a fraction of the cost of bringing them in person.


How do I make money teaching free lessons? I have found that I begin to reflect the work ethic of my students. When my students practice well, I practice well and vice versa. To qualify for free lessons I require students to record their lesson assignments and submit them, for 7 consecutive days to qualify. This can be done for free, but it has a cost: time and effort.


If you would like to schedule regular lessons with Dr. Demy, then this option is for you. Lesson lengths start at 1 hour and can be extended for free if the student has made a lot of progress that week.  


What would it be worth to your program to have Richard Demy work with your students on a regular basis?  Too expensive right? How about a custom course of study for your students to work through?  Teaching online allows me to work with any program for a fraction of the cost of a commute, and spend more time reinforcing my system.


When I am a guest artist I do not want to visit one time, play a concert, teach for an hour. I want to work with the program before and after a visit to make sure my experience can leave a lasting, positive impact on the program.